What is the Advantage of Two-Phase Treatment?

Choosing to utilize a two-phase treatment gives you a highly customized and advanced treatment plan to cover not only the straightening of your teeth, but also adapting to physical changes. Your biggest advantage to this style of treatment is that you get to address the problems from the beginning which can lead to a more successful result, not only now, but later on in life as well.

The benefits of early treatment:

  • Provides an opportunity to influence jaw growth
  • Address and help correct bad habits that affect the mouth
  • Improve self-esteem and overall appearance
  • Reduce the complexity and duration of treatment later on in life (if needed)
  • Help reduce the occurrence of impacted (stuck in gum tissue) permanent teeth
  • May help to improve certain speech issues
  • Help erupting teeth have the space they need

What if I put off treatment?

The biggest issue with waiting until your permanent teeth come in is that we can lose the opportunity to help guide your jaw development. This can greatly affect our chance of achieving an ideal result for your treatment.

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