Give your Mouth a Break

After phase one has helped us make sure that your mouth is an its most ideal situation for further treatment, we give it a break. We let the rest of the permanent teeth erupt and in most cases we just let them come in freely since we have established room for them during phase one treatment. Had we not achieved the early results of phase one, we might be faced with more impacted teeth or teeth that are really not where they should be.

Checking in on your Teeth

Since we don’t have your teeth in their final permanent place at the end of phase one, we want to check in on your teeth and see if there are any preemptive measures we can use before we begin phase two treatment. In some cases we may even remove your “baby” teeth before they fall out their own to make sure that your permanent teeth are erupting into an ideal situation in your mouth. So we’ll see you back in the office usually twice a year just keep an eye on things.

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