Phase One Goals

During phase one we try to accomplish a few things:

  • Control and develop the jaw size so that permanent teeth have the room they need
  • Help align the upper and lower jaws so that they interact more naturally

Because children can exhibit early signs of jaw problems, it is important to have them seen early (7 years old) so that it can be recognized and correction can begin.

Save Your Smile!

All of our adolescent patients are growing and changing during their treatment.  Because growth can occur so rapidly, constant monitoring during phase one, and corrections where needed, can dramatically improve the results achieved through orthodontic treatment. Just like building a house a proper foundation for your child’s smile can be achieved by utilizing the specialized treatment plan during phase one.  In fact, leaving the conditions untreated until all teeth erupt could create a condition that is too severe to get the normal, ideal results using braces.

Record Everything

We’ll make sure we get all the x-rays and photographs we need to document the results. We'll even take a digital scan of your teeth that will give us computerized models, so you can get a better insight to exactly what was corrected. All of these records help us setup the ideal treatment plan for you and lay the foundation for all future treatment.

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