Your Child Doesn’t Want Braces?

This is a common reaction (especially with older children) that you should be prepared for. It’s completely normal for a child to feel insecure about what they may or may not look like during their orthodontic treatment.  But there are plenty of things that can put your child at ease about the benefits of orthodontic treatment. Braces have evolved a lot over the years, here are some quick points:

  • Braces now come in a variety of styles and colors.
  • The short term treatment period for braces compared with having a dynamite smile for years to come.
  • If your child is already worried about their appearance, new confidence in their teeth and smile will help.

Do Braces Hurt My Child?

Braces should never cause severe pain for your child. It’s normal for your child to be sore after they first get their braces and after each tightening session. However, if your child is ever in constant discomfort or feels any poking or pinching in their mouth, please contact us immediately so they can be seen and we can alleviate the problem.

My Child Plays Sports, Music, etc…

It’s a common concern for parents when braces are put on that it may affect their child’s ability to play a musical instrument (flute, trumpet, etc.) or participate in physical activity like organized sports. Thankfully, a lot of advancements have been made regarding special “lip protectors” and orthodontic mouth guards to make sure your child can continue doing the things they love. But, you may still have to convince them to avoid sticky, gooey or crunchy foods.

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