With Invisalign Teen, your kid can focus on being a kid with fewer interruptions

As a parent, you know how important having a healthy, straight smile can be. Making the decision to straighten your teen’s teeth can have a significant impact on his or her life – but with sports, school, after school jobs, and all the other things your teen has going on, traditional braces may not be the best fit. Invisalign provides your teen with an alternative – giving a straight smile with fewer interruptions.

With Invisalign Teen, you need fewer visits to the orthodontist – which frees up time for both you and your teen and, with Invisalign Teen, there are no worries about eating the wrong thing and popping off a bracket, or finding time in your busy schedules for doctor visits.


When it comes to investing in a straight, healthy smile, nobody wants to compromise effectiveness for convenience. Invisalign understands that every teen is unique in what they need – and our treatment is effective for a range of orthodontic needs and cases, from mild to severe. And Invisalign Teen has built-in blue compliance indicators on all aligners, making it easy for you to tell if your kid is actually wearing them as often as they should be.


Not only does Invisalign provide convenience and a healthy smile, but the removable aligners make it easy for your teen to brush and floss properly, maintaining their dental health. Keeping teeth clean can sometimes be challenging with metal brackets and wires – Invisalign Teen removes these obstacles to clean, healthy teeth.