Happy Halloween

It’s October and you know what that means: It’s Halloween!! We love Halloween here at TNT Orthodontics, getting to dress up as spooky/kooky characters is always a blast (and we love seeing our patients’ costumes). But Halloween also means lots of candy is being passed out, which can present some problems for our patients with braces. Never fear! You can still indulge in all the sugary goodness this Halloween, you just have to be careful of what sweets you consume.

Before we get into the sweets you can enjoy this holiday season, we need to go over what candies you shouldn’t eat if you’re wearing braces. Avoid sticky candies. Caramel candies, taffy, gummies, jelly beans, and bubblegum (yes, even the sugarless kind) can all get stuck in your braces or aligners. You should also steer clear of hard treats like peanut candies and popcorn. This goes without saying but just in case: brush, brush, brush! All that Halloween candy can cause cavities so brushing and flossing are even more important than ever during Halloween. If you have braces, you should be extra vigilant about brushing and flossing after consuming any sugary foods.

Now that we’ve gotten the unpleasantness out of the way, let’s talk about the yummy treats you can chow down on this Halloween!

Chocolate: Yes, believe it or not one of the best candy options you can choose for Halloween is pure chocolate. Remember to avoid chocolate with caramel or nuts in it though, as those can cause complications with your hardware. Pure chocolate is less likely to cause tooth decay or other dental complications. Chocolate won’t get stuck in between your teeth either, unlike other types of candy.

Peppermint Patties: Yorkies and Junior Mints are yet another safe option for people with braces. They’re tasty and even help eliminate bad breath. However, pace yourself when consuming peppermint patties as their sugar content is very high. The high sugar content also means you’ll have to brush your teeth frequently to avoid any cavities.

Nestle Crunch: We mentioned earlier that you should avoid hard or crunchy candies but, if you absolutely must have a candy with crunch, this is your candy bar. While most chocolate with nuts can be problematic if you have braces, Nestle Crunch gives you a bit of a crunch without all the nuts. This makes it a much safer option for those with braces, but be careful if you have a gluten allergy as Nestle Crunch does contain significant amounts of gluten.

Peanut Butter Cups: These little pieces of heaven are safe to eat with braces! The peanut butter adds a thicker texture without sacrificing softness so as to not cause any problems with your teeth.

Milky Way: This is another candy option to choose if you have braces. Although it contains caramel, it’s soft enough to not cause any damage to your teeth or problems with your braces. While Milky Ways are not the best option for your Halloween indulgence, it is much safer than many other candies you’ll come across.  

As always, make a commitment to your oral health this Halloween season. If you decide to avoid sticky and hard candies before Halloween arrives, it will increase your chances of following through. Happy Trick or Treating!