Fastbraces :/

Many of you may have heard of a new business in the area called “Fastbraces.” They advertise their treatment as an alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment and state that they can straighten teeth in half the time, for a lower fee.

Before you consider this option, please understand that there are some stark differences between “Fastbraces” and TNT Orthodontics.

  • The reason Fastbraces can offer shorter treatment at a lower cost is that tooth straightening is all they do, so a poor bite and jaw related problems are often not addressed.  However, at TNT Orthodontics we understand that for long-term health of the teeth and jaw, a good bite is essential in orthodontic correction.
  • Treatment at Fastbraces is most often administered by a general dentist.  At TNT Orthodontics, Dr. Hamway and Dr. Stroster are Orthodontists. That means that after finishing dental school they also completed two more years of specialty training in the field of Orthodontics.                           

Now you can see that the choice is clear. Please call today for your complimentary initial exam at TNT Orthodontics. Our Doctors are trained in all aspects of orthodontic treatment, are well respected in the community, and have a staff that is ready to help you through the orthodontic process.