Easter Candy Do's And Don'ts

Nobody wants to be told to stay away from their favorite treats, especially on a holiday. Unfortunately, candies and sweets that are hard, sticky, and chewy can wreak havoc on your brackets and wires. At TNT Orthodontics, we care about your smile and want to make your treatment as easy as possible. We know that avoiding some of your favorite treats can be a drag, but this doesn’t mean that you have to cut out ALL sweets! Swap out hard, sticky candies for safer alternatives like the ones listed below.


Don’t forget to thoroughly brush and floss immediately after eating any candy or sugary treats. Pay close attention to flossing around the braces and the gum line to keep your dynamite smile clean and prevent any issues from developing. As always, taking necessary precautions will help to avoid any issues with brackets, wires, and your overall oral health!

Hang in there, your treatment will be done before you know it. Have a wonderful Easter!

We decided to make our own braces-friendly treat for the office. If you’re interested in making these adorable spring pudding cups, check out the recipe below.