Summer: The Best Time to Get Braces

Summer break is fast approaching and with it comes outdoor adventures in the warm sunny weather. Summer is also a great time to bring your kids to TNT Orthodontics to see if they need braces. You might be wondering why you would start orthodontic treatment now, of all times. Well, here are a few reasons we find summer to be the best season for braces: 

School’s out for summer! Summer break means fewer extracurriculars like club meetings or sporting events, which means more flexibility to for you and your kids to schedule appointments. At TNT, the first few appointments are when we fit your child for braces and make sure everything is good to go. These appointments tend to run long, so it’s ideal to get them out of the way before school and busy schedules resume. Once school starts again in the fall, we can schedule the more routine checkups that take less time and won’t interfere with your or your child’s schedule.

The uncomfortable part will be over and done with before school starts again. Getting braces during summer is often a good option for kids who have difficulty adjusting to their braces. Modern orthodontic technology has significantly lessened the physical discomfort of braces, but the gums and teeth of young kids are still developing and can feel a bit tender after braces are put on. Summer also presents the opportunity for your child to grow accustomed to eating with braces, as well as the appropriate cleaning techniques, in the comfort of their own home. By the time school starts again, your child will be eating with and cleaning their braces like a pro.          

Of course, not every kid will be ready to start orthodontic treatment in the summer, but it’s still a great time to get that first appointment scheduled. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that the initial orthodontic evaluation should occur at the first sign of orthodontic problems or no later than age seven. During your child’s initial appointment at TNT Orthodontics, we will examine their teeth, jaws, and overall alignment as well as start monitoring their growth. This will help us determine the best age for your child to start their orthodontic treatment, if any is needed. 

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