TNT vs SmileDirectClub

Recently, a teledentistry company called SmileDirectClub opened a new location in Twelve Oaks Mall. They advertise that they can get you straighter, brighter teeth in an average of five months and for a much lower price than traditional Invisalign. Before you consider this option for your teeth alignment needs, please consider these major differences in the quality of service you will receive from SmileDirectClub as compared to TNT Orthodontics.  

No guaranteed outcome or retention assistance with SmileDirectClub.

SmileDirectClub’s T&Cs state they are not responsible for the outcome of your orthodontic treatment. The responsibility is placed entirely on you to follow their plan and satisfaction is not 100% guaranteed. SmileDirectClub does not offer additional assistance in this process either.

TNT Orthodontics will be with you every step of the way to ensure you get the dynamite smile you want. You’ll receive regular checkups as part of your retention plan to help you stay on track.

No relationship with a doctor and questionable customer service with SmileDirectClub.

Although reviews of SmileDirectClub vary, there are an alarming number of complaints about bad customer service and lack of communication.
There is very minimal communication with the SmileDirectClub team, a factor which is only exacerbated by their lack of physical store locations. This means that despite the option to visit a SmileShop for a dental scan, you’re more likely to have to take your own dental impressions with the kit SDC will send you (for $95!).

We want you to have the best experience on the journey to your dynamite smile. At TNT you’ll be in the hands of our professional, friendly staff and our trusted orthodontists Dr. Hamway and Dr. Stroster. Our team is always here to answer any questions you might have during the process.

Potential issues if things go wrong at SmileDirectClub.

If you lose one of your trays you will need to re-order from SmileDirectClub which can be time-consuming.

Not having your impressions done by a professional orthodontist increases the chances of inaccuracies in the fitting of your alignment trays. If your trays do have inaccuracies, you will be charged $49 dollars for SDC to send you a second at-home impression kit.

Being without a tray for several days while you wait for a replacement to be shipped to you can derail your entire treatment process. At TNT, we can provide you with an emergency piece to wear until a formal tray can be made so your treatment plan can stay on track. Our orthodontists are also equipped to identify and help with any issues that may arise during your treatment, and can adjust your treatment plan if necessary should things go wrong.

TNT Orthodontics takes pride in providing the highest quality orthodontic treatment, delivered in a friendly environment. SmileDirectClub sends your dental impressions to general dentistry professionals for evaluation. At TNT, your impressions and scans are conducted in-office by our professional and experienced orthodontists: Dr. Hamway and Dr. Stroster. Our Doctors completed two additional years of specialty training in the field of Orthodontics after completing dental school, and are qualified to give you the best, most accurate, treatment.  

Although SmileDirectClub checks in occasionally to make sure you are progressing, they aren’t able to provide the same level of attention and care that TNT Orthodontics can. Call today to schedule your complimentary initial exam at TNT Orthodontics. Our Doctors are trained in all aspects of orthodontic treatment, are well respected in the community, and have a staff that is ready to help you through the Invisalign process.