New Years Resolutions

We want to thank everyone that entered our New Years Resolution Drawing! Here is a list of all the resolutions that we received!

Nick Z. - “Lose Weight”
Brad P. - “I will brush my teeth more”
B Os. - “My new years resolution are to drink more water, read more Bible, and keep up with reading.”
Madeline S. - “Get a 9.0 or higher in vault at gymnastics.”
Phoebe H. - “To eat healthier”
Abby J. - “Get my braces off”
Nathan P. - “I will read every day”
Marek A. - “Drink more water”
Luke C. - “Work out more”
Collin B. - “Work on brushing my gums better”
Jacey G. - “Earn money”
Trinity S. - “1. Play better at my flute. 2. A in math 3. Floss more.”
Lexi A. - “Be a better me: workout more, drink more water and stretch more.”
Kayli P.  - “To wear my rubber bands”
Tonna N. - “2 be more frugal and thankful 4 my blessings”
Briannah H. - “To wear my rubber bands all of the time!”
Pierce - “To help someone every day”
Alex Y. - “Get a six pack”
Reagan A.- “Get my backhand spring on balance beam in gymnastics.”
Ella- “Try new food; Get A’s”
Matthew W. - “Floss and brush more”
Tye G. - “Buy a toy for my sister, because she the best sister ever”
Grace H. - “Improve efforts on extra credit in school.”
Hunter K. - “Go to States for Science Olympiad”
Alexa - “To help people!”
Peyton W. - “Floss and brush better”
Livy - “Floss more”
Noah J. - “Finish my 12 week plan”
Dylan P. - “ To be the best person I can be”
William H. - “Try not to lose a bracket”
Matt H. - “I want to swim 10 laps 2-3 times a week.”
Lucy B. - “ Less time on iPad”
Eva W. - “To make more friends and help others when they’re struggling.”
Ava S. - “To brush my teeth better!”
Keely L. - “Write neater and brush more often”
Joanna G. - “Do bible reading everyday.”
Noah K. - “Do my homework everyday”
Jared D. - “Conquer cursive”
Joseph C. - “Eat healthier and exercise more.”
Alayna R. - “Be a nicer sister”
Pam L. - “Win Dave and Busters $25 gift card :)”
Paige B. - “ Workout every day :)”
Hannah T. - “Floss every day :)”

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