Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is getting closer and closer with each passing day! If you’re anything like us, you’re probably still scrambling to put together a few gifts for friends and family on your Christmas list. Fortunately, our team at TNT Orthodontics can help you find the perfect gift for anyone sporting braces. These gifts are sure to put a Dynamite smile on their faces!  

When in doubt — stick to the essentials. Proper brushing and rinsing are a must for anyone with braces. Quality toothpaste and mouthwash will make great stocking stuffers! If you want to go the extra mile, we suggest an electric toothbrush that’s designed specifically to get in and around dental braces.  

Up their floss game! Really wow ‘em this Christmas with a Hydro Floss unit. The Hydro Floss has a professional-quality water jet system that lets its user get a deep clean in between their teeth.

Gishy-gishy goo! Gishy Goo sounds pretty childish, we’ll give you that. But when it comes to relieving mouth pain caused by dental hardware — there’s nothing better. Gishy Goo is a silicone relief aid that’s more durable than traditional dental wax, easy to apply, and small enough to carry with you in a bag.

Go Pro — Clinipro! This prescription-strength toothpaste makes the perfect gift for braces wearers as well as anyone who may be at risk of tooth decay. Clinipro contains fluoride, calcium, and phosphate, all of which are important for building strong and healthy teeth!  

It’s a White Christmas after all! Are you shopping for someone who recently got their braces off, or is just about to? Give them the treat of a stunning smile with Opalescence Go (not to be confused with Pokemon Go). This product is a great way to whiten your teeth the healthy way!

Of course, if you’re still unsure about what to give your braces wearing friends this holiday season, feel free to stop in to TNT Orthodontics and ask one of our Orthodontists or hygienists. We are always happy to help. Now, go forth and make the braces wearer in your life as happy as can be this Christmas!