Fun facts about Shark teeth!

Did you know that some sharks can have over 50,000 teeth in their lifetime? That may sound like a lot of teeth, but it’s no big deal for sharks, because they are constantly losing and replacing teeth.  Both their upper and lower teeth have layered rows of teeth, sometimes as many as 15 rows.  Shark teeth do not have roots, so they break off easily and may only last as little as one week. New teeth are ready to move forward into position, like a conveyor belt.

Although it might sound like a scary thing to be losing teeth constantly, the system works great for sharks.  Being able to replace weak teeth so quickly and easily, has helped sharks to develop the strong bite that they are known for.

Since sharks go through so many teeth in their lifetime, fossilized shark teeth are easily found along the shores of many beaches, and hunting for shark teeth has become a popular pastime along many beaches.

Unlike sharks, humans only get two sets of teeth, and the first set is lost at an early age. Since we have to maintain our second and final set of teeth for a very long time, listen to the wise words of your dentist, hygienist and orthodontist when they tell you to.... Brush and floss…….Brush and Floss.…..Brush and Floss!!