Orthodontics for Dynamite Smiles

Dr. Hamway and Dr. Stroster know that nothing makes a better first impression or gives a person more self-confidence than a beautiful healthy smile. Their work as orthodontists is therefore very rewarding and its impact is easily seen on the faces of their patients. Those who were once self-conscious and seldom smiled are now out-going and self-confident—sometimes in a life-altering way.

Utilizing the latest technology in their orthodontic practice is very important to Dr. Hamway and Dr. Stroster. Their office uses the most state of the art equipment available and practice the latest in modern orthodontics. They feel that what really sets their office apart from others is the comfortable atmosphere and the phenomenal customer service that they and their staff provide for each and every patient. First time visitors of all ages (adults, adolescents, and even young children) are quickly put at ease.

You, too, can experience the highest quality orthodontic treatment possible, delivered in a friendly environment. 

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